You know what would make house cleaning way more fun? A maid.

Time to come clean.

The only thing I hate more than a dirty house is cleaning.

Time to come clean.

New! Lemi Shine® Booster Tablets - Now available

We have taken the guesswork out of taming the toughest hard water and dishwasher problems. Add one Booster Tablet to every load of dishes for spotless and sparkling results.

Zero Gross Chemicals

The Safer Choice label gives consumers assurance that EPA scientists have evaluated every ingredient in products that carry the label to ensure they meet Safer Choice’s stringent criteria and helps consumers choose safer products.

The many, many other uses for Booster

Did you know there are many, many other uses for Lemi Shine Booster? That's why we created this guide to help you untarnish old brass and even clean your coffee maker. Get the most out of this little miracle cleaner that's been under your sink the whole time.


Where to buy Lemi Shine® you ask?

Find Lemi Shine® Products at your local grocery, hardware and supercenter center.

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