You’ve probably noticed that many cleaning products contain lemons. Perhaps you’ve learned to associate the smell of lemons with a fresh clean house.

Lemons are great to cook with and of course, lemonade can turn any bad day around.

Have you ever wondered why lemons are so great for cleaning? Hint: it’s the citric acid.

Keep reading to learn more about how and why you should be using citric acid for cleaning to keep your home and family clean and safe.

Lemons: A Cleaning Secret Weapon

If you’ve ever bitten into a lemon, you know they taste sour. That sour taste is how your tongue and tastebuds interpret the citric acid contained in lemons.

Lemons are very acidic. In fact, they’re more acidic than coffee, or orange juice, but not quite as acidic as your stomach’s acid. This citric acid is what makes lemons such an effective cleaner.

Acids have powerful cleaning properties and can perform cleaning miracles such as getting rid of stains caused by other acids and combining with alkalines to create chemical reactions. Cleaning is actually full of cool science when you think about it. 

Stain Removing Powers

Many of the substances that stain our clothes and surfaces are actually acidic. These include things like:

  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Lipstick
  • Sweat
  • Paint

When dissolving acid stains, you want to use another acid. This is where citric acid becomes so effective. You can remove these acidic stains with citric acid-based liquid detergent or detergent packs.  

Lemons also have the power to remove stains that are alkaline by creating chemical reactions.

You can use citric acid cleaning products to remove rust and limescale, which is the white substance that builds up on water fixtures as well as rust. Citric acid removes these deposits by reacting with the calcium carbonate and iron oxide in the substances. 

Odors Be Gone!

One of the reasons that cleaning products are often lemon-scented is because not only is lemon a pleasant and refreshing scent, but citric acid has the ability to neutralize odors.

Many unpleasant smells in our homes come from alkaline substances. When you use citric acid, these odors become neutralized.

If you have food stinking up your garbage disposal, one DIY solution is to run  it with a cut-up lemon in there – which provides a quick refresh as the lemon oils are released by the disposal blades For a true, deep clean that eliminates the odor-causing residue that builds up, try  a citric acid appliance cleaner.  They’re great for the disposal, your washing machine, and the dishwasher.

Antibacterial Properties

Did you know that lemons are antibacterial? The citric acid in lemons creates an environment that doesn’t allow many kinds of harmful bacteria to flourish.

These include E.coli and salmonella, which are especially concerning in the kitchen.

Citric acid at certain concentrations kill bacteria and is a much safer alternative to harsh chemical cleaning solutions.  

Is Citric Acid Safe?

There is growing concern about the safety of the ingredients we encounter in our daily lives. Cleaning products are no exception.

If you’re wondering about the safety of using citric acid in a cleaning product, we don’t blame you. The truth is, citric acid is very safe.

It’s safe to consume and is frequently used as a food additive. It’s also used in cosmetic and personal care products. Don’t hesitate to reach for citric acid when it’s time to clean. 

Using Citric Acid Around the House

Now that you know more about why the citric acid in lemon is such a great cleaner, we’d like to share with you some of our best suggestions for using this non-toxic cleaner in your own home.

Here are some clever ways to use citric acid in your home:

All-Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner like Lemi Shine can be used to clean virtually any mess or spill. 

Cleaning and Deodorizing Plastic Containers

Have you noticed your plastic containers looking or smelling a little funky? Use citric acid cleaners to clean them to get them looking and smelling fresh again.


Cleaning Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block countertops look great but they can also be prone to staining. Whether your countertops are stained with coffee rings or berry juices, a lemon cleaner can make them look brand new.

Removing Stuck-On Food Off Dishes

Forget to rinse your plate after dinner?

Is the dishwasher not quite removing all that stuck-on food?

No problem! Citric acid cleaning solutions can break down stuck-on food without exposing the dishes you eat off of to any harsh chemicals. There are even boosters and rinse aids available to make your dish detergent more effective.

Cleaning Your Blender

This probably isn’t something you think to clean regularly, but you should.

Blenders can experience build-up from hard water, not to mention leftover ingredients. Citric acid can break down any built-up substances and ensure your food and drinks are free of bacteria. Just add a few drops of liquid dish soap formulated with citric acid and some water and then pulse your way to a sparkling clean blender. 

Start Cleaning With Lemi Shine Today

If you’re interested in using citric acid for cleaning, we have just the products for you. Our products use citric extracts to provide powerful yet safe cleaning solutions for your household needs.

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