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Makeup brush need a touch-up? Just pour some Lemi Shine Dish Soap onto a sponge, rub your brush against the surface, then rinse with lukewarm water. Dry flat and enjoy your freshly cleaned brush. ... See MoreSee Less

Makeup brush need a touch-up? Just pour some Lemi Shine Dish Soap onto a sponge, rub your brush against the surface, then rinse with lukewarm water. Dry flat and enjoy your freshly cleaned brush.

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Alison AbrahamOoooh! I've never seen dish soap at the store. I'm OBSESSED with your disposal cleaners

5 days ago   ·  2

2 Replies

Michaela LambertSo yeah deffinetly not. 1. Dish soap alone will deffinetly dry out the brissels. 2. Laying it flat will deffinetly ruin your brushes as the water gets into the conection and loosens the glue causeing the brissels to fall out.

2 days ago   ·  6

3 Replies

Amber PettypoolDon't ever dry you makeup brushes flat. You hang them brush down so that the water won't ruin them, and so that the brush heads don't flatten out.

1 day ago

Katie DucayNo, dry up side down so water and soap residue does not settle into the bristles of the brush.

4 days ago   ·  7

5 Replies

Linda Stelljes NitkaToo much conflicting info. So one thing I won't be buying.

5 hours ago

Michelle MartinWtf how does Facebook know that I bought this??

1 day ago

4 Replies

Chelsea WalkerKandy Summer Brown have you ever used this brand?

19 hours ago   ·  1

2 Replies

Kimberly TeeceWay! Cool! 😊💗

3 days ago   ·  1

Kali ChildressStick to dishes. Lol

2 days ago

Mekinzi Kate LewisZack "lemme shine"

4 days ago   ·  1

Olga Lidia Reyes-ResendizValeria Castaneda Evelyn Garcia I need to try this

21 hours ago   ·  1

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Kids make thousands of messes. Here are some tips to clean up five. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kathy DombroskiAnd a plastic snow shovel and large bin, to get tiny pieces all over everywhere up quickly!

1 week ago

Gwen Ellen RominesAshley Thaller nail polish

1 week ago   ·  1

Agnes DavisKayla Nicole Pifer

7 days ago

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Back to school can also mean back to germs. Tell us how you keep your little ones germ-free for a chance to be our Clean Freak of the Month. ... See MoreSee Less

Back to school can also mean back to germs. Tell us how you keep your little ones germ-free for a chance to be our Clean Freak of the Month.

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Barbara HamiltonStill haven't received any products in the mail yet to try as promised ?

2 weeks ago   ·  1

9 Replies

Audrey Joanne RobertsWe start our morning with waking up going stright to the Beth room, wash our hands and brush our teeth. Then we get dressed and put our shoes on, after that we grab our back packs which have out little Animal Hand sanitizer keychain on them, we use some and close it back. When the kids are at school they have there Keychain sanitizer on their backpacks, but also a little bottle that fits in there pocket, they also have flush wipes for bathroom time so they can clean off the toilet and the sink handles before using them! When they get home shoes off at the door and school clothes changed then they wash there hands and have a snack. Bath time is before bed along with brushing teeth. Before we eat dinner we wash the tables off and our hands, Mommy uses Lemie Shine Dish soap to wash the counters off and clean the dishes. We are a veary clean famiky and want to prevent any germs or sickness coming in the house!!!!! Our Rules are Wash your hands and sanitize as many times a day that you can and make sure to always do this after the bethroom!!!!!!

2 weeks ago   ·  1

Barbara HamiltonNo little ones in the house anymore . April and Naomi have good comments . Make sure your hands are clean , especially before you eat . I always remind my two younger grandkids even though they are twelve and thirteen when I am with them.

2 weeks ago   ·  1

Deanna K. WilliamsI don't have little ones at home but I have grandchildren , I keep hand sanitizer in my purse along with sensitive baby wipes and of course always have hand soap on every sink . They keep us busy. But we are blessed

2 weeks ago   ·  1

Jelena DjurdjanovicI dilute the Lemie Shine dish detergent with water in a spray bottle and clean everything with it. Also wash school uniforms daily and backpacks often. I had a good laugh when my husband grabbed my "Lemi Shine" cleaner and told me that this was the only cleaner he will use from now on.

2 weeks ago   ·  1

Ashley TiptonWe don't have school yet but we will follow our usual routine as when we go out to the programs with kids around here. When we get home we wash our hands, change our clothes and make sure our shoes stay next to the door and not track germs throughout the house. Also, It's great to instill some manners that help each other like sneezing into a tissue/cover mouth when coughing. When it hits prime time for flu season I go around and disinfect door knobs, door frames, and make sure that the floor are routinely mopped. I don't agree with fearing germs but common sense cleaning/prevention can go a long way!

2 weeks ago

Steph BarberI teach her to wash her hands often and always keep hand sanitizer and her own packs of tissues in her backpack and of course to always cover mouth when she coughs or sneezes to protect others from her germs. We also use Lysol wipes around the house a lot!

2 weeks ago

Kiescha WilliamsI hang mini sanitizers on my kids backpack. They also have little packages of tissue in case they need to blow there noses. Any little thing that I find gross they have to wash those hands. I do not like germs!

2 weeks ago

Sheryl Lynn ParetiSanitizer and antibacterial soaps for hands and body, disinfectant for laundry. Also digest daily of chewable vitamin c and zink oxide lozenges to boost up immune system

2 weeks ago

Jacqueline Ramirez BoyleI keep my little ones germ free by taking them a bath once they get home from school. I also make sure to pack them hand sanitizer and baby wipes in their backpacks in case they need them!

2 weeks ago

Rachel HinesI spray them on the way in the door with Lysol and drench them with germ-x... kids bring home some scary germies! (jk I wouldn't hurt them or get it in their eyes or anything lol)

2 weeks ago

Chelsie RosserPractice good hand washing, especially before meals and we take our shoes off at the door. I keep sanitizer wipes in the car if we need them.

2 weeks ago

April D Johnsonhandwashing prompts often, cleaning knobs all over the house and reminding them to not share drinks or food ....

2 weeks ago

Ruth Matz ColeMake sure everyone washes their hands before eating. No need for antibacterial products, just soap and water 👍

1 week ago

Ashley BolingWe wash our hands frequently & I am constantly cleaning! It's exhausting but I feel better with a clean house 🏡

2 weeks ago

Serena M NorgaardI send my kids to school with hand sanitizer and hand whip

2 weeks ago

Naomi L. WattSanitize their hands after washing their hands. Cover your mouth after you sneeze & cough than wash.

2 weeks ago

Patricia MathisYes get my niece up to go bathroom wash her hands and brush her teeth every morning and when come in from school then make her wash hands eat do her home work and then bath time brush teeth again before bedtime and anytime wants something make wash hands so dont spread germs and if sneeze always cover her mouth and nose and wash hands plus have her to keep her room clean and always teach her not to share food after others handle it and that way germs aren't spreaded

2 weeks ago

Yadi PelkeyHand sanitizer; wash hands constantly; Lysol spray everything;!!

2 weeks ago

Brittany ShelnuttMake good hand washing / hygiene habits when they are young.

2 weeks ago

Jen ErnestJust good old wash your hands. Old cover your mouth when you cough or nose when you sneeze. That's it

2 weeks ago

Grace WhyteI wash their lunch boxes regularly, and have them wash their hands when they are dirty, after using the restroom

2 weeks ago

Melissa HoffmanI make sure they wash their hands regularly

2 weeks ago

Heather CombsI send my son to school in a bubble so that no germs can get to him :)

2 weeks ago

Angela Barrickswash ,sanitize ,and clean :)

2 weeks ago

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Ever used a self-wringing mop? Thank Thomas Stewart. Back in 1893, he added a lever to the generic mop’s handle, giving water and soap new and even greater purpose. ... See MoreSee Less

Ever used a self-wringing mop? Thank Thomas Stewart. Back in 1893, he added a lever to the generic mop’s handle, giving water and soap new and even greater purpose.

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Barbara HamiltonJust bought some Lemi shine surface cleaner today . Looking forward to the products you promised in the mail .

4 weeks ago

Patricia KennedyI still have mine

4 weeks ago

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