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Who says holiday sweaters have to be ugly?
Who says holiday sweaters have to be ugly?
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Kim McDanielThat is one ugly sweater.

12 hours ago

Nancy KingThe ugliest Christmas sweater looks better than that ugly one

2 hours ago

Darlene MerrillNot me. Must be talking about one of the others.

2 days ago

Yareli EsquivelAriana Ledesma buying this for my mom 😂😂😂

12 hours ago   ·  1

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Linda Solt BurkeMichele Lynn my sweater for next year lol

15 hours ago

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Cameo HarmonI need this. Hahahaha

2 days ago

Christy BowmanTyler Swafford and Jared Swafford your mother needs this sweater

2 days ago   ·  1

JoAnn AddiegoRita Cesario Firavanti perfect gift

1 day ago

Catie ThomasKatie Miller!!! 😂

1 day ago

1 Reply

Linda LaneLynne Belt

2 days ago

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Holiday Cleaning – Delegate the Jobs
Don’t be afraid to delegate this holiday season! Allow others to help you when prepping or cleaning your home before parties or gatherings. Even the kids can be involved with Lemi Shine’s full line of nontoxic cleaning products.
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Barbara HamiltonUse my Lemi Shine cleaner every day. Time to get more dish washing detergent . I,m almost out .

5 days ago

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Holiday Cleaning – Appliances
Have your machines cleaning like they're brand new again with Lemi Shine’s Appliance Cleaners. The Disposal Cleaner, Washing Machine Cleaner and Dishwasher Cleaner help your machines clean more efficiently and more effectively, as well as restore their performance.
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Lemi Shine®

Powered by 100% Natural Citric Extracts, Lemi Shine® washes away stuck on food and grease leaving dishes clean freak clean.


For a whole house clean that's safe AND powerful

From tiny messes on glass and surfaces to years of hard water buildup on fixtures and shower doors, Lemi Shine® Household Cleaners are a must have in your cleaning arsenal.



Lemi Shine® Laundry Booster

Whiten and brighten your laundry with the Power of 100% Natural Citric Extracts.



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